The following is a list of the wills, or abstracts, acquired by me during my research. I have copies of them all and one day, I hope to put up my own transcriptions of all of them on this site. The majority of them were downloaded from The National Archives: Documents Online. Others have been obtained through the relevant County Record Offices. There are yet more to be purchased!

Name of testator

Date of Probate


Charles Andrews of Bampton (Abstract of Will)

18th April 1803


Charles Andrews collar maker of Bampton

18th April 1803

OFHS: Charles ANDREWS of Bampton

William Andrews Gentleman of Bampton

14th November 1856

OFHS: William ANDREWS of Bampton

George Baylis of Great Barrington

25th February 1790  


Thomas Baylis of Great Rissington

26 April 1814  


George Bryan of Northmoor

14th September 1780  


George Bryan of Lower Slaughter

3rd December 1800  


Luke de Fraine gardener of Aylesbury

20th June 1848 


Mary Elkins widow of Farnham

19th November 1839


Charles Elkins gunsmith of Farnham

October 1792


Charles Gillett of Shilton

3rd May 1837  


Elizabeth Gillett widow of Witney (Abstract of Will)

24th February 1803  


James Gillett of Brize Norton

4th January 1825  


John Gillett of Brize Norton

29th January 1856  


John Gillett of Shilton

15th February 1821  


John Gillett of Shilton

27th April 1857  


Mary Gillett widow of Stokenchurch

5th June 1857

Mary Gillett née Bye ~ 1857

Thomas Gillett of Marsh Haddon

20 June 1794  


William Gillett of Southleigh

16 July 1856  


George Godfree of Great Rissington



George Godfree of Great Rissington

9th January 1851  


George Hambidge of Iccomb

12th May 1852  


George Hambidge of Iccomb

14th June 1704  


Thomas Hambidge of Iccomb

6th August 1810  


William Hambidge of Iccomb

21st January 1856  


William Hambidge of Westcote

9th January 1846  


Joseph Hart coachman of Farnham

10th November 1831


Samuel Lewcock baker of Farnham

24th January 1837

Samuel Lewcock ~ 1837

Samuel Lewcock miller of Odiham (Abstract of Will)

August 10 1810  


Thomas Lewcock of North Warnborough

23rd January 1834  


John Tapping of Owlswick

20th January 1654  


Thomas Tapping of Great Kimble (Abstract of Will)

2nd May 1804  


William Tapping of Stoke Mandeville

14th May 1853  


John Tompkins of Aveley



John Turner draper of Aylesbury

08 August 1823  


Thomas Wright the Elder of Witney (Abstract of Will)

January 28 1809